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November 2017

How Far is Ecuador from the United States

So, how far is Ecuador from the United States? In this post, you’ll learn the driving and straight-line distance from 10 cities in the United States to Ecuador. A few weeks ago, we answered the question How long is the flight to Ecuador? To answer, we compared the flight time from 17 international departure cities. Today, ... [Read more]

benefits of educational trips in Ecuador

Are you thinking about taking an educational trip? In this post, you’ll learn 8 benefits of educational trips abroad. With the Andes Mountains, Amazon region, and Galapagos Islands – Ecuador is a very rich biologically and culturally. The knowledge and experience gained on an educational trip will make a lasting impression and play a role in your ... [Read more]

Tipping taxi drivers in Ecuador

Curious how to handle tipping on your upcoming Ecuador trip? In this post, you’ll learn the ins and outs of tipping in Ecuador. Tipping in Ecuador: A Travelers Guide There is some debate over tipping in Ecuador. But you need not worry, the “rules” are pretty basic, and as in most places it is a personal ... [Read more]

Ecuador weather in November

Planning a visit to Ecuador in November? Here’s what to expect from Ecuador weather in November. Each of Ecuador’s four regions has unique weather all year long. In this post, you’ll learn about the varying climates across Ecuador during the month of November. Ecuador Weather in November (Rainfall, Temperatures and Humidity) While some small countries ... [Read more]


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