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About Latin Roots Travel

About Us

“More and more we realize how significant the experience of travel can become in people’s lives. We understand that travelling is not only a way to experience new places and destinations but also that it is a great opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on things and even discover ourselves. It is while travelling that we learn some of the best life lessons and achieve the opportunity to evolve and become better global citizens.

This is exactly why Latin Roots Travel Company is aiming at designing expeditions through Ecuador and other destinations in Latin America, with a focus on learning. From its beginnings, Latin Roots Travel has focused on new and different travel excursions.

We did not merely think of great places to visit but also of experiences that enrich the trip, seeking to create lifelong memories and, perhaps, change people’s lives.”

About Latin Roots Travel

about latin roots travel ecuador

Personal Attention

We are a small organization, and we pride in our personal attention to our customers.  We are always easy to reach and eager to help, available 24-hours / 365-days-a-year for any emergency assistance. You can contact us anytime.

Crafted Programs

We built trips around a particular theme, interest, or specific need and include information and activities that raise participant’s awareness about conservation and sustainability and foster cross cultural understanding, thus making a trip a potentially educational experience. We take great care to design programs to be not only educational but also fun and entertaining!

Innovative Programming

We love to transcend conventional itineraries and sightseeing trips in order to provide our clients with the most authentic learning journeys. We are always innovating, looking for new sites and exciting experiences!

Educationally Oriented Programs

Our trips are designed to offer educational opportunities throughout, giving participants the chance to convert their trip in a meaningful experience and a great opportunity to learn something. Throughout the programs we set aside time for lectures or classes on different topics such as the country’s culture, human and natural history, ecology, biology, and current social, economic, and political situations.  Hands-on activities and cultural immersion occupy also an important portion of the itineraries. Many of our programs include small projects that give participants an opportunity to be actively engaged, helping local communities with their specific needs.

Our programs are by no means “formal school classes” but are aimed to provide participants with opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning.

Learn how we promote social responsibility.

about latin roots travel

Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Tips

Outstanding Leadership

Our leaders are passionate about their work; plus, they are enthusiastic, fun, creative and very knowledgeable. Latin Roots leaders are highly trained and experienced professionals. Leaders are multi-lingual and licensed by the Tourism Authorities. Without a doubt we can say we work with the best leaders in country.

We Take Safety Very Seriously

We have been careful to set high safety standards and consistent quality control at all levels of our operation in order to minimize as many risks as possible. Our trip leaders, drivers and office staff have been trained on First Aid certification in order to provide an accurate first response in case of emergency. Our office staff is also always available and trained to respond any emergency.

Our Commitment with Sustainability

While working with Latin Roots Travel Co. you will be supporting tourism operations that have a positive impact on the environment and local communities.  Latin Roots Travel Co. has been verified by Rainforest Alliance as meeting sustainable tourism requirements and being a local sustainable tour operator.

We invite you to make the most of a trip and encourage you to make your next trip a once in a lifetime learning experience!

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