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8 Benefits Of Educational Trips Abroad: Amazon, Andes and Galapagos

Are you thinking about taking an educational trip? In this post, you’ll learn 8 benefits of educational trips abroad.

benefits of educational trips in Ecuador

With the Andes Mountains, Amazon region, and Galapagos Islands – Ecuador is a very rich biologically and culturally. The knowledge and experience gained on an educational trip will make a lasting impression and play a role in your future endeavors.

Read more about why you should take an educational trip to Ecuador.

8 Benefits of Educational Trips Abroad

As you learn about the benefits of educational trips, you’ll see why taking an educational trip to Ecuador is a good idea.

Learn more about Ecuador travel.

1) Motivation Through Hands-on Learning

Hands on learning helps reinforce and enlarge on lessons learned in the classroom. It also sparks curiosity which can create motivation to dig deeper into a subject.

For example, in our Prehispanic civilizations educational trip (12 days) you’ll visit Agua Blanca, a small community dedicated to ecotourism, agriculture and handicrafts. This village has great historic importance due to its archaeological background as descendants of the Mantena Culture, one of the last pre-Hispanic cultures in Ecuador.

For two days, you will participate in an archaeological fieldwork practice helping the personnel from the on-site museum and the local community on digging, recovering and recording archaeological pieces. A great hands-on learning experience!

educational trips in Ecuador

2) Cultural Enrichment

This is one of the major benefits of educational trips. Immersion in a cultural distinctly different from your own is an enriching experience. It can help open your eyes to new ways of doing things and help you become more accepting of social differences.

As you become aware of differing social interactions you may even discover some habits you’d like to add to your social repertoire.

The cultures of Ecuador trip provides excellent opportunities for cultural enrichment. For example, as part of this 11 day trip you’ll visit the Otavalo market and be introduced to the Otavalos, (a trader’s community by tradition) who are known worldwide for their beautiful textile work.

Their ancient ability has converted them in the most powerful indigenous group in Ecuador. You’ll learn more about this indigenous group while exploring Otavalo town and visiting the local craft market.young-girls-ecuador

Next you’ll visit the San Clemente community, where you will be greeted by a Kichwa-Karanki indigenous family.

During the following days you will be introduced to the indigenous life and learn about their customs and traditions. You’ll visit the community medicinal gardens and organic orchards, learn about the importance of cuy (guinea pig) for the indigenous philosophy as a provider of strength, good vibes, and also in diagnosing illnesses.

cultural enrichment on educational trips in Ecuador

During this visit you will enjoy delicious, fresh, and healthy meals based on typical ingredients and learn how to cook some of the most popular dishes. You’ll also participate in a Cultural integration night with typical music and dance. You will stay at families home in the community.

3) Practical Application

Experiencing practical application can give you a sense of responsibility which may help you choose your path in life.

You may have learned about the Galapagos in your studies because it’s the second largest Marine Reserve in the world and has UNESCO World Heritage Site status. An educational trip to the Galapagos will show you that learning about the Galapagos and actually being here are two different things.

Being involved as a volunteer allows you to experience how your actions can help make things better for people and animals in the Galapagos.

How to get to Galapagos from Ecuador

On the Ecuador’s Natural Wonders educational trip you’ll be involved with volunteer projects in the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands.

In the Amazon, you’ll help improve school conditions for kids of the Ahuano Community. You will also learn from the local volunteers at the AmaZoonico Animal Rescue Center about their hard work to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals. This will also a great opportunity to observe animals living in the region, that are difficult to see in the wild.

Endangered ecosystem field trip in Ecuador

In the Galapagos, you’ll visit the Fundar Foundation to learn about development and conservation.

Fundar runs educational projects aimed at changing the behavior of the population towards sustainable livelihood and to support sustainable development projects such as social research, renewable energy, environmental protection, social and environmental ethic.

You will assist Fundar volunteers in one of their current projects related to community service or environmental education.

Download your free Galapagos packing list.

4) Expanded Horizons

One of the other benefits of educational trips abroad is that you’ll get an expanded view of the world.


Getting outside our regular routine and sphere of society helps build appreciation for other cultures.

When we learn to more accepting of customs and habits that differ form our own, we become better global citizens.

As you travel around Ecuador on one of our educational trips you’ll spend time with Ecuadorians and learn some of the history behind their cultural dress, food, and traditions.

For example, on the ethnobotanical and anthropological educational trip you’ll explore the complex relationship between indigenous cultures and (uses of) plants. Learn about the ancient botanic wisdom passed along hundreds of generations of observations and customs via oral tradition.

While exploring the Andes and the Amazon, you’ll learn about the impacts of modern human societies on traditional cultures and natural habitats, causing huge losses of individual species and the addition of new discoveries and methods.

You’ll probably make new friends and learn to embrace people of different cultures even more openly than you do now.

learning through educational trips abroad

5) Experience

An educational trip abroad will add depth and spice to your life experiences.

If applying for an academic position an educational trip abroad makes an excellent addition to your resume or CV.

Learn about conservation and threatened ecosystems in Ecuador

6) Food

Food is an important part of daily life and helps to shape a culture. One of the benefits of educational trips is that you get to try new food with its textures, smells, and flavors.

Here in Ecuador, you’ll see the role food preparation plays in daily life. You’ll also gain knowledge into the medicinal properties of a variety of locally grown food.

One excellent example of a food related experience is on our cultures of Ecuador trip. At an Amazon lodge, you’ll learn about the traditional Kichwa cuisine, help harvest yuca, prepare chicha and make chocolate with organic aroma cocoa beans grown in the rainforest!

You’ll also visit the medicinal gardens; learn about various forms of treatments and cures made from medicinal plants and flowers harvested organically.

At the farewell dinner and cultural night (where traditional Kichwa dance, music, and legends are shared) you will be invited to share the traditions of your culture.

academic trips in Ecuador

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7) Language Learning

If you are learning Spanish or one of the other languages spoken in Ecuador (like Kichwa/Quechua) what could be better than travelling there and being immersed in the language?

While your guides and the speakers at your lectures will speak English, you’ll be surrounded by native Spanish and/or Quechua speakers. What a wonderful opportunity to use, and improve your language skills!

8) Educational Impact

The educational impact of trips abroad cannot be ignored. Getting lessons and skills off the page and into your “real life” experience will make an impact that will last a lifetime.

When we meet people that need help, explore locations that are under threat, or see animals that are in need of protection – our lives are touched in a way that a book, lecture, or video cannot equal.

benefits of educational trips abroad

Benefits of Educational Trips Abroad and You

If you would like to go on an educational trip or if you’re a teacher looking into educational travel for your students please contact us today. We would love to help you reach your academic goals through educational travel in Ecuador.

Have you been on an educational trip abroad? What impact did it have in your life? Please share with us by commenting on this post.

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