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6 Best Things to Buy in Ecuador (Before Your Flight Home)

As you travel the country, you’ll see lots of souvenirs. While many of the products are made in Ecuador, an equal number are imported from other countries. In this post, you’ll learn about six of the best things to buy in Ecuador – that are actually made in the country.

6 best things to buy in Ecuador

6 Best Things to Buy in Ecuador (Before Flying Home)

Here are some locally made products that you might consider bringing home as a souvenir of your Ecuador adventure.

1) Panama Hats

I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t these from Panama? While the name suggests otherwise, these hats are actually made in Ecuador. They are popular with many visitors and range in price from $20 to many hundreds of dollars.

Made from palm fibers, boiled, dried then woven, these hats have been made in Ecuador since at least the 16th century.

Panama hats in Ecuador

Panama hats made in Ecuador

Panama hat images via GringosAbroad

2) Tagua Jewelry

Tagua is a vegetable ivory and grows on the palm tree Phytelephas aequatorialis (commonly known as Ecuadorian ivory palm). Tagua ivory grows in many provinces of Ecuador, including El Oro, Guayas, Manabí, Esmeralda, Carchi, and the large Amazon Region.

Tagua jewelry and ornaments are commonly found in gift stores around Ecuador. They are inexpensive – ranging in price from a $3 (for a simple keychain) to $15-30 (for a more elaborate piece). Because tagua is an organic product, it can be susceptible to little bugs. Before you purchase a piece, just double check to make sure that there are no small holes in the surface.

Here are a few images showing the finished product.

Tagua jewelry in Ecuador
Tagua from Ecuador

3) Silver Jewelry

In Chordeleg, a small town near Cuenca, you can find numerous silver shops. They make intricate jewelry with the filigree method of twisting and weaving fine strands of silver.

This silver jewelry is available around the country – and is very inexpensive.

silver jewelry from Ecuador

Filigree silver hummingbird via GringosAbroad

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4) Chocolate

Ecuador is famous for its chocolate. Because of the economic impact, some farmers refer to it as “black gold”. Ecuador has a long history in the production of cocoa. Until the early 1900’s, it was the world’s largest exporter of cocoa.

Ecuador has some of the oldest varieties of cocoa trees, providing distinctive flavors.

Some manufacturers you might want to check out include:

Ecuador chocolate via GringosAbroad

Ecuador chocolate photo via Bryan Haines

5) Ecuador Coffee

Ecuador grows a lot of coffee. And while some of it will be burnt and bitter, you’ll also find some of the best coffee that you’ve ever tasted. You can buy every type – from organic Galapagos coffee to Lojano coffee grown in the valley of longevity (Vicabamba). Ecuador grows arabica and robusta coffee.

More on why Ecuador coffee is taking off on Perfect Daily Grind.

For a commercially produced brand, you might want to check out Cafe Cubanito, produced by Ortiz & Jacome in Cuenca.

Ecuador coffee beans

6) Textiles: Hammocks, Ponchos, and Scarves

The artisans in Otavalo are world famous for their weaving work. They produce beautiful wall hangings, scarves, ponchos, and hammocks. The price is surprisingly low for the amount of work in each piece. Their work can be purchased at markets just about everywhere in the country.

These are among the most popular souvenir to bring back from Ecuador.

Learn more about the culture in Otavalo and the northern highlands.

Ecuador textile products

And there you have it – the 6 best things to buy in Ecuador (and bring back home).

Your Turn

What products are you planning on trying / buying in Ecuador? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Karen November 20, 2017, 11:00 am

    We are in Quito now, and discovered a small artisan cooperative, where the prices are reasonable, and the products unique. It is called Casa Mariscal, ( juan leon mera N23-54 y baquedano) and one of the owners is from Canada, and was so informative They have the most amazing ceramic bowls there which are painted with intricate lines using a single hair. They are made in the Amazon, and I have not seen them at any other markets or shops. Well worth the trip to this beautiful little shop. Also, blouses, weavings, 999 silver jewelry, edibles, other pottery, etc.

    • Bryan Haines November 20, 2017, 11:18 am

      Thanks for sharing your find Karen! This is something other travelers will want to check out.

  • Joko Widodo November 26, 2017, 4:03 am



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