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Ecuador Flowers

Ecuador flower farms

Are you interested in Ecuador flowers? In this post, you’ll see what it’s like to visit Ecuador flower farms. Did you know that Ecuador is a top producer (known worldwide) of summer flowers and roses? It’s the world’s third largest exporter of cut flowers. Read about 8 things to know about Ecuador flowers. A Visit ... [Read more]

Monkey faced orchid Ecuador

If you like orchids, you’re going to love visiting Ecuador! In this post, you’ll learn about Ecuador’s orchids. Photo via GringosAbroad Ecuador is famous for its flowers – especially roses and orchids. The orchids grow high in the Andes, on the coast, and in Ecuador’s Amazon jungle. How many species of orchids in Ecuador? Ecuador ... [Read more]

Beautiful Ecuador flowers

When you think about visiting Ecuador, what do you look forward to the most? Many come to see the flowers. That’s right Ecuador flowers are at the top of the list for a lot visitors. Ecuador Flowers: 8 Things to Know Let’s learn some facts about Ecuador flowers that may surprise you. 1) Flowers and Plants Love Ecuador ... [Read more]


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