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Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Ecuador as a Tourist?

“Do I need a visa to travel to Ecuador?”

If you are wondering about travel visas for Ecuador, you aren’t alone. It’s one of the most common questions that we get asked.

This post will answer that question. We will also let you know what identification you’ll need to enter the country and travel with while there.

Do I need a visa to travel-to Ecuador

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Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Ecuador as a Tourist?

If you travel from United States, Canada, United Kingdom (or most other countries) to Ecuador as a tourist and stay less than 90 days you will not need a visa. It’s good to know that “90 days” refer to a total number of days spent in the country within a 12 month period.

At the airport when you enter Ecuador you will receive an official stamp in your passport indication the days you are allowed to stay in the country. This stamp is referred to as the 12-X, it’s an automatic tourist visa.

To receive the 12-X you will need a valid passport. Your passport will need to be valid for at least six months from the last day you will be in Ecuador. Proof of your return ticket will also be required.

Do I need a visa to travel to Ecuador as a tourist

If you will be traveling in the provinces or Orellana and Sucumbios (in the Amazon) you will also need to show proof that you have received the yellow fever vaccination. Yellow fever vaccination is not required anywhere else in Ecuador, including the Galapagos and other areas in the Amazon.

It really is that simple for travelers visiting from the United States, Canada, and most other countries.

Please note: If you are traveling from countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistán, or Somalia you may need a visa. It’s best to ask sales staff about visa requirements.

A visa will be required for stays longer than 90 days regardless of your country of residence.

Ecuador travel visa

While visiting Ecuador on the 12-X tourist visa you are not allowed to make income in the country.

When you enter the country (usually while on the plane) you will receive an arrival form to fill out. This will be stamped and should be kept with your passport because you will need it as you exit the country.

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Should you carry your passport while traveling around in Ecuador? Let’s answer that question now.

What Identification Should I Travel With in Ecuador?

Now that we have Ecuador visas sorted out, the next question is: “What document(s) should I travel with in Ecuador?”

You should not carry your passport with you while on excursions or while visiting tourist areas in Ecuador.

should I travel with my passport in Ecuador

You should carry a photocopy of your passport, including the page with your 12-X stamp. It’s best to leave your passport in a safe place (possibly the room safe) in your hotel room. It is also recommended to have an additional photocopy of your passport which would stay with your luggage.

What visa do I need for Ecuador

If you have any other questions about travel to Ecuador please contact our sales staff.

Have you been to Ecuador as a tourist? Please share your thoughts about the 12-X Ecuador tourist visa by commenting on this post.

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