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Visiting Ecuador Flower Farms: Orchids, Roses, and More

Are you interested in Ecuador flowers? In this post, you’ll see what it’s like to visit Ecuador flower farms.

Ecuador flower farms

Did you know that Ecuador is a top producer (known worldwide) of summer flowers and roses? It’s the world’s third largest exporter of cut flowers.

Read about 8 things to know about Ecuador flowers.

A Visit to Ecuador Flower Farms

On the Orchids and Flowers of Ecuador Tour you’ll visit some of the largest orchid and rose farms in the country.

Around 400 varieties of roses grow in the highlands of Ecuador, and there are 4,032 classified species of orchids growing throughout the country. The country of Ecuador has the highest diversity of orchids in the world.

Quito’s Botanical Garden is a place you won’t want to miss. There are 5 different ecosystems in this garden and it houses 15,000 orchids! In the following video, you’ll learn more about it, and get a glimpse of what it’s like.

Quito’s Botanical Gardens Video:

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Ecuador Flower Farms: Rose Farms

Now we’ll see what it’s like to visit a couple of Ecuador rose farms. These farms are located in the beautiful Andes mountains near Quito. The climate and proximity to the equator make the Andes of Ecuador the perfect place for growing tall, straight roses.

Ecuador flowers roses

When you visit Ecuador flower farms, you will get to see and smell the beautiful flowers.

You will also learn about:

  • how the flowers are grown
  • how many varieties they grow
  • if they have developed their own special variety/varieties
  • their conservation efforts
  • how the flowers are processed for shipping/export

In the following video, you’ll see what a visit to Rosaprima rose farm would be like.

A visit to Rosaprima video, one of many Ecuador flower farms:

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Now let’s take a look at Royal Flowers.

Visiting Royal Flowers Rose Farm (in Ecuador) video:

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As you saw in the above videos Ecuador flower farms are surrounded by natural beauty. While many of the flowers are in greenhouses, the grounds are beautiful – and your trip to and from the rose farms will be full of beautiful scenery.

Not all the flowers you see in Ecuador will be in greenhouses. You’ll be able to see many of these beautiful and rare flowers growing in their natural surroundings, like the orchids.

Ecuador Flower Farms: Orchids

As mentioned earlier, there are 4,032 classified species of orchids in Ecuador. But did you know that there are 400 or more species in the process of being classified?


Something that makes the orchids of Ecuador even more special is that of the 4,032 species, 1,714 are endemic.

In the following video, you’ll see some of the beautiful orchids growing in natural surroundings.

Orchids of Ecuador Tour Video:

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The tour in the above video was of orchids from Ecuagenera who have their headquarters in Gualaceo.

Learn more about Ecuador orchids

Ecuador Flower Farms and You

Are you excited about visiting Ecuador flower farms? Without a doubt it will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about flowers and get some great photos.

While you may or may not visit the specific flower farms highlighted in this post, you will visit similar locations and see many of the beautiful flowers of Ecuador.

Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your trip.

Ecuador flower farms orchids, roses, and more

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