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8 Things to Know about Ecuador Flowers (Orchids, Roses…)

When you think about visiting Ecuador, what do you look forward to the most? Many come to see the flowers. That’s right Ecuador flowers are at the top of the list for a lot visitors.

Ecuador flowers roses

Ecuador Flowers: 8 Things to Know

Let’s learn some facts about Ecuador flowers that may surprise you.

1) Flowers and Plants Love Ecuador

Ecuador is so biologically diverse that around 25,000 species of plants and flowers grow there.

This has to do with the its location on the equator and its geographic regions. The country has 4 geographic regions, La Costa (Coastal Lowlands) La Sierra (Andean Mountains) El Oriente (Amazon Region) and Los Galapagos (Galapagos Islands).

Each region has its own climate zones and each zone hosts flowers and plants that prefer its particular weather conditions. That all adds up to a lot of happy flower species.

Beautiful Ecuador flowers

Because Ecuador is on the equator Ecuador flowers receive consistent daylight hours year round.

2) Ecuador is the world’s third largest exporter of cut flowers

Ecuador exports so many cut flowers that it’s the third largest exporter in the world. The majority of which are roses, they make up 75% of flower exports.

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3) Ecuador is the orchid capital of the world

There are around 4,032 species of orchids in Ecuador with 1,714 of them being endemic.

In the following video, you will see a variety of Ecuador orchids in orchidariums and in the wild.

Watch on YouTube 

4) High altitudes make roses big and colorful

The altitude (2,800 – 3000 m / 9186 – 9842 ft) with its cool nights creates a wonderful atmosphere for long-stem roses with large, bi-colored (varying hues) blooms. Around 400 varieties of roses grow in the highlands.

In the following video, you’ll learn about some famous Ecuador flowers: roses.

Famous Ecuador Flowers Video

Watch on YouTube via CGTN America

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5) The flower industry employs 1000’s of people

Around 100,000 people are employed in the Ecuadorian flower industry, half of which are women. This has helped many stay closer to home, rather than relocating to cities to find work.

Flowers grown in Ecuador

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6) Flower production has advanced food production

As the flower industry has grown so has knowledge of pest control and irrigation. This has benefited food production in the country.

7) Ideal location on the equator

Because Ecuador is located on the equator the flowers receive consistent daylight throughout the year.

Flowers in Ecuador

This location can make a difference. Roses grown at high elevations in Ecuador have a longer growing cycle than those grown at sea level. Roses grown at sea level have a growth cycle of about eight weeks, those grown at high elevations in Ecuador have a cycle of 15 weeks.

8) Ecuador is home to one of the best outdoor flower markets in the world 

One of the top 10 best outdoor flower markets in the world is found in Ecuador. In the city of Cuenca, you’ll find a gorgeous little open air flower market buzzing with tourists and locals. The air smells amazing and the variety of flowers is delightful.

The following video shows what it’s like at the Cuenca flower market.

Video of Cuenca’s Flower Market

Watch on YouTube via GringosAbroad

There you have it, eight facts about Ecuador flowers.

Ecuador flowers orchids

Were You Surprised?

Did any of the facts in this post surprise you? Let us know by commenting on this post. And please share your facts about Ecuador flowers.

Given the geographic diversity and location on the equator it’s easy to see why Ecuador flowers are so plentiful and why it’s a desirable destination for flower lovers.

And even if you haven’t traveled to Ecuador, you’ve probably seen Ecuador flowers at your local flower shop.

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