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7 Ecuador Fruits You Must Taste on Your Trip

Here are seven Ecuador fruits that you should taste on your trip to Ecuador.

Ecuador fruits

Pictured are guaba beans. Photo via GringosAbroad

In this post, you’ll learn about some unique fruit that you should taste on your Ecuador trip.

Most of these are available at the local markets and supermarkets – depending on the season. Don’t forget to ask for these at restaurants too. Many of these are used to make delicious fruit juices and desserts.

7 Ecuador Fruits To Taste on Your Trip

  1. Uvilla (Golden Berry)
  2. Naranjilla (Little Orange)
  3. Tamarillo (Tomate de Arbol)
  4. Granadilla
  5. Tuna (Prickly Pear)
  6. Guaba
  7. Achotillo (Rambutan)

1) Uvilla (Golden Berry)

Uvilla is a Spanish word meaning “little grape”. These bright orange berries grow with a paper-like wrapper. To eat them, just peel off the wrapper and pop it in your mouth. The flavor is similar to a tomato but sweeter and more tangy.

uvilla physalis-peruviana

Image courtesy of GringosAbroad

2) Naranjilla (Little Orange)

These look like little oranges – however the outside is a deeper orange and inside the flesh is green. These are used to make ice cream and juices. The juice is a light green color.

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3) Tamarillo (Tomate de Arbol)

The tamarillo is most commonly known as tomate de arbol (tree tomato) in Ecuador. The flesh is red and firmer than your typical garden tomato. These are used to make juice and hot sauce (aji). They can also be cut in half and eaten fresh with a little brown sugar (panela) on top.

They taste similar to a tomato, but are firmer and more sour.

4) Granadilla

This fruit has an egg-like orange outer shell. To get to the flesh inside, you can crack it or cut it open with a knife. The flesh consists of jello-covered seeds. Don’t let the appearance deter you – the flavor is amazing. The flavor is both sweet and sour – the gelatinous material is soft and the seeds are crunchy.

This is used to make jellies, ice cream and pies. Eating it fresh is my favorite.


Image via GringosAbroad. Read more about granadilla fruit.

5) Tuna (Prickly Pear)

Prickly pear is an unusual fruit which grows on cactuses and is known in Ecuador as tuna. If you purchase these fresh you need to be careful. They will likely still have the thorns – they are like tiny hairs and are hard to remove.


The prickly pear is commonly used to make a refreshing juice.


Prickly pear images courtesy of GringosAbroad. Read more about prickly pear.

Here’s one way to peel the fruit – without getting cactus spines in your hands.

Watch on YouTube

6) Guaba (Ice Cream Bean)

These large beans grow on trees and can grow a few feet long. Inside they are full of small black seeds covered in a cottony wrapping. The white stuff is what you eat – it is mildly sweet with a slight vanilla flavor. At first, it feels fuzzy like cotton but as it gets wet it softens and you can get the full flavor.

Don’t eat the seeds – these are not meant to be eaten and don’t taste good.


guaba beans

Guaba images courtesy of GringosAbroad. Learn more about guaba fruit.

7) Achotillo (Rambutan)

Achotillo is a pretty unusual fruit – it kind of looks like a hairy strawberry.

Inside of the spiky red shell is a translucent fruit. To eat achotillo, just peel back the skin and eat the soft flesh. The pit is not edible.

Your Turn

Which of these Ecuador fruits are you going to try? Join me in the comments!

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