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5 Things You Should Expect on Your Ecuador Jungle Tour

Are you interested in an Ecuador jungle tour? The Amazon jungle is a very popular spot for Ecuador travelers and we want you to feel prepared. In this post, we share 5 things you should expect on your Ecuador jungle tour.

Ecuador Jungle Tour

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5 Things You Should Expect on Your Ecuador Jungle Tour

When you think about the Ecuadorian Amazon what comes to mind?

Maybe you’re excited because it’s known as the most bio-diverse place on earth! And perhaps you’re dreaming about seeing monkeys and cool-looking frogs. Many of our visitors do get to see monkeys, frogs, and a number of other species.

Frogs in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

There are some other things you may want to keep in mind as you get ready for your trip.

So let’s take a look at 5 things you should expect on your Ecuador jungle tour:

1) Rain

That’s right, you should expect rain. You’ll be exploring in the rainforest and it rains almost every day.

It may not rain all day, but you’ll probably be getting wet at some point during the day. So pack your waterproof gear and clothing.

It’s warm in the jungle so don’t worry about getting cold. As long as you have some dry clothes to change into, you’ll be fine.

2) A learning experience

As you explore the Ecuador Amazon you’ll be accompanied by naturalist guides. They will help point out plants and animals while teaching you about their habitat and behavior.

Did you know that the Ecuadorian rainforest has the largest number of plants, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and birds per square kilometer? There’s a lot to learn.

You may want to bring a journal and a good camera.

3) The feeling of excitement and discovery

Exploring in the Amazon is kind of unpredictable, there is so much diversity we’re never really sure of what we’ll see or hear.

One morning you might be surprised by monkeys jumping in the treetops, the next – brightly colored butterflies or hummingbirds could be taking your breath away.


Many of our daytime activities start early, so you can expect to be on the go by around 6 am.

If you’re not a morning person, don’t worry too much – you’ll probably be on a natural high (wide awake) with feelings of excitement and discovery.

about latin roots travel

4) Travel by boat and foot

On our Amazon tour you’ll take a boat ride of around two and a half hours down the Napo River to get to the lodge. During the ride, you’ll be surrounded by lush Amazon vegetation. Have your binoculars ready because you might just catch your first glimpse of Amazon wildlife.

Once at the lodge you’ll travel by boat on excursions around a swamp and a lake.




You’ll also travel by foot on day and night hikes. You’ll enjoy hearing the sounds of nature in the Amazon and getting close to the plants/animals.

5) Bugs

During your Ecuador jungle tour you’ll see bugs.

With all the moisture and vegetation in the rainforest, it’s the perfect place for them. And that’s a good thing, without them what would all the little critters eat? Not to mention their job as pollinators.

But the bugs may also be attracted to you, so you’ll want to bring some bug spray to keep the biting ones away.

What Will You See on Your Ecuador Jungle Tour?

Along with the things mentioned above, you can expect to see birds, monkeys, butterflies, and many other wonders of the Amazon.

Animals in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

While we can’t guarantee sightings of specific animals in the wild, you can be sure you’ll see lots of wildlife.

Make sure you bring your binoculars!

You may also enjoy reading 10 intriguing facts about the Ecuadorian Amazon.

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