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Learn About the Hummingbirds of Ecuador: 132+ Species

Many hummingbirds of Ecuador are distinctive because of their bright colors, unique tail feathers, and the shape of their bill.

Ecuador holds the world record for the highest number of hummingbirds species, over 132 species are found here. That’s about 40% of all hummingbird species!

Hummingbirds of Ecuador

Chestnut-breasted Cornet hummingbird

In the following video, you’ll see a number of different hummingbird species feeding, resting and preening their feathers. Did you know that of all bird species, hummingbirds have the least amount of feathers?

Hummingbirds of Ecuador Video

Watch on YouTube via VideoLifeWorld

One of the things that makes Ecuador such an ideal place for hummingbirds is the geographical makeup of the country. Let’s learn more about that as we get to know the hummingbirds of Ecuador better.

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Hummingbirds of Ecuador: Why So Many?

Mainland Ecuador is made up of three regions, the Costa (coast,) Sierra (mountains,) and the Oriente (the Amazon Basin). The Galapagos Islands are also part of Ecuador. Each region has its own climate zone (or zones).

The following map shoes the climate zones of Ecuador.

Ecuador climate zones

Image Credit – Ali Zifan World Koppen Classification.svg

Ecuador is suited to such a wide variety of hummingbird species because there are so many hospitable climate zones.

Where Can You See the Highest Number of Hummingbird Species in Ecuador?

The Choco-Andes region is said to have the highest concentration of hummingbird species in Ecuador. If you’re planning a bird-watching trip to Ecuador this should be on your list.

The lowlands of the Choco region have the worlds greatest concentration of restricted-range endemic species. The Mindo Valley is in this region, it’s one of the most popular birding sites in Ecuador.

In this area you can see the Booted Racket Tail and the Green Violetear. The Velvet Purple Coronet, which some consider the most beautiful of all the hummingbirds of Ecuador, can also be seen here.

Hummingbirds of Ecuador, the Velvet purple Coronet

The Velvet purple Coronet in Ecuador

Photo credit – Joseph C Boone

The following video was filmed in Mindo. This video is full of interesting hummingbird facts.

Hummingbirds of Ecuador in the Mindo Valley

Watch on YouTube via Dean Jacobs

Hummingbirds in Yanacocha Ecuador

Another great location to see hummers is Yanacocha where you’ll find a high altitude (10.500 ft/3200 m) cloud forest.

This is home to the Black-breasted Puffleg (the emblematic bird of Quito). It is critically endangered. There are only an estimated 300 (or less) individuals left. In Yanacocha near the Pichincha Volcano is the only place on the planet you’ll see this hummingbird, its known range is restricted to to this area.

The Sword-billed hummingbird is another unique hummer found here.

Sword-billed Hummingbird

The Sword-billed Hummingbird

Photo Credit – Joseph C Boone

The following slow-motion video was shot in Yanacocha.

Hummingbirds of Ecuador Slow-motion Video

Watch on YouTube via Frank Dietze

Don’t you love how the slow-motion made it easier to see the hummingbirds movements? Their beauty and delicate design makes it’s hard to believe they are the most aggressive of all bird species.

Where Will You Visit the Hummingbirds of Ecuador?

While the above locations may have some of the highest concentrations of hummingbird species in Ecuador, you’ll see them in many other areas all over the country.


The Green Violetear in Ecuador

The Amazon and the Tumbesian Region are a couple of areas to consider. Both offer excellent opportunities to see the hummingbirds of Ecuador, along with many other bird species.

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  • Chris Bushman August 13, 2017, 9:51 am

    California is twice as big as Ecuador but has only 5 species of hummingbirds.

    • Bryan Haines August 18, 2017, 3:42 pm

      Interesting to know about California! Have you seen any of Ecuador’s 132 hummingbird species yet?


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