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Social Responsibility

Latin Roots Travel is committed to help local indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian and mestizos communities by supporting their local projects. We are aware of the importance to help communities in their effort to improve their way of living and encourage them to preserve their ecosystem.

Through our support we can also help ancient cultures to conserve their traditions, to be proud of them and to show them to the world.


Social Responsibility

We deeply believe in the mutual benefit that travelers and locals can obtain through their interaction, the more we know about other cultures the more we understand the world. Understanding other cultures gives you a better view of your own culture, helps you accept other people’s point of view, opens your perspectives and makes you appreciate more what you have.

We are also committed to conserve our natural environment, we believe in a responsible business creating profitable growth in harmony with our natural environment. We also encourage our guests to cause the least environmental impact possible during their trip.

Our commitment as employers is to offer a healthy workplace environment, transmit our solid values and promote the development of each employee’s potential and abilities, in order to create a Good Corporate Citizenship.

We incorporate social responsibility into all our tours.

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