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Educational Trips in Ecuador

Ecuador enjoys a unique combination of location and geography which make it one of the most biologically diverse places on earth. In this post, you’ll learn about four Ecuador ecosystems, with a focus on tropical and marine ecosystems. Learn about Ecuador Ecosystems: Forests (Mangrove, Dry, Cloud, Rain) Ecuador is a tropical country, it’s on the equator, ... [Read more]

benefits of educational trips in Ecuador

Are you thinking about taking an educational trip? In this post, you’ll learn 8 benefits of educational trips abroad. With the Andes Mountains, Amazon region, and Galapagos Islands – Ecuador is a very rich biologically and culturally. The knowledge and experience gained on an educational trip will make a lasting impression and play a role in your ... [Read more]

Educational trip in Ecuador

Travel in Ecuador can be about so much more than seeing tourist attractions. It’s full of enriching educational opportunities. In this post, we’ll talk about why you should take an educational trip to Ecuador. Why You Should Take an Educational Trip to Ecuador Have you heard Ecuador referred to as being “4 worlds in one?” Or perhaps ... [Read more]

Ecuador educational field trips learn about conservation

Are you looking into educational field trips? Learning about and seeing threatened ecosystems outside of a classroom will make a lasting impression. In this post, we’ll talk about two educational field trips in Ecuador. Why do you want to go on an educational field trip? Are you hoping to learn how you can make changes ... [Read more]


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