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Our Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Our Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Here are all of our Ecuador & Galapagos tours. We offer six key categories, each with a focus on social responsibility.

Academic and Student Travel

  • ecuador-communityCultures of Ecuador: A close encounter with Ecuador’s rich cultural diversity, going from the Andean region to the Amazon rain forest.
  • Ecuador’s Prehispanic civilizations: Learn about the history of ancient civilizations settlements, their complex societal hierarchies, their economic system and the causes of their cultural extinction.
  • Community service in Ecuador’s highlandsWork with kids from low-income indigenous communities and assist teachers and parents in their projects to improve kid’s situation in their local schools.
  • Ecuador’s Natural Wonders: Explore the Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands, both considered Natural Wonders for the Humanity.
  • Tropical Ecosystems under threats: Explore the tropical ecosystems of the Ecuadorian Coast, going from the Mangrove forests to one of the largest tropical dry forests remaining in the world.
  • Conservation of Marine EcosystemsHelp Fundación Equilibrio Azul (EA) in their efforts to preserve the marine ecosystem in the Pacific coast of Ecuador.
  • Amazon Biodiversity Station: The Tiputini Biodiversity Station (TBS) is located adjacent to the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve in one the world’s greatest biodiversity hotspots.
  • Ethnobotanical & Anthropological ExpeditionExplore the complex relationship between indigenous cultures and (uses of) plants.

Birdwatching Trips

  • birds-ecuadorChoco-andes: Western & Eastern Slopes: The Mindo Valley is one of the best known birding sites in Ecuador with a range of habitats that holds more than 300 species.
  • Tumbesian Region: The Tumbesian lowlands are considered as an Endemic Bird Area by BirdLife International due to its concentration of restricted-range birds and great vegetation diversity.
  • Birds of the Amazon: Explore the amazing biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest accompanied by a bird specialist guide.

 Cultural Immersion Tours

  • ecuador-cultureQuito & CuencaVisit Quito, the capital of Ecuador, a city surrounded by volcanoes and with the largest best preserved and least altered historic center in America.
  • Culture, Music & CraftsThe Northern Highlands are home to important indigenous groups like the Otavalos, known worldwide by its tapestries, textiles production and embroidery.
  • A Cultural Journey in the AndesEnjoy a cultural journey along the Avenue of the Volcanoes.
  • Amazon Cultures: In an effort to preserve its traditional way of life, indigenous groups like the Huaoranis and Achuar have developed sustainable Eco tourism initiatives and have built ecolodges.

Family Learning Journeys

  • family-raft-ecuadorAndes & Amazon Family Exploration: Take your family into a wonderful journey to explore two of the most amazing natural environments on the planet, the Andean Region and the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Active Family Expedition: Celebrate the ability of standing at the two hemispheres at once, while visiting the Middle of the World.
  • Family Cultural Discovery: This wonderful program gives you and your family the opportunity to be involved with a local indigenous family while staying in their community.

Nature and Wildlife Expeditions

  • Amazon Wildlife & Biodiversityecuador-butterfly: Cross black water rivers, surrounded by endless tropical forests. Hike through tall trees, hundreds of years old while listening to the sounds of nature.
  • The Andean Cloudforest: Explore the amazing Andean Cloud Forest, considered the richest biodiversity hot spot on earth, where undiscovered and supposedly extinct species have been recently found.
  • Among Lakes and Andean Forests: Hike in the Northern Ecuadorian Andes, surrounded by beautiful lakes, volcanoes and magic forests.
  • Volcanic Wonders of Ecuador: Enjoy a picturesque journey surrounded by Volcanoes, be marveled by its beauty and magnificent presence.
  • Where the Andes meets the Rainforest: Follow the transition between the highlands and the Amazon rainforest, exploring en route different ecosystems and climatic floors.
  • Mangroves and Tropical Ecosystems: Explore the tropical ecosystems of the Ecuadorian Coast, going from the Mangrove forests to one of the largest tropical dry forests remaining in the world at the Machalilla National Park.
  • Humpback Whales & Machalilla Park: During the months of June to September you will have the wonderful opportunity to observe dolphins and humpback whales that migrated the South Pole to tropical Ecuadorian waters to mate and give birth to their calves during the austral winter.
  • Orchids & Flowers of Ecuador: Ecuador privileged location, unique climatic and geographic conditions allows the perfect scenery for plant growth.

The Galapagos Islands

These are all of our Ecuador & Galapagos tours. Have a question about a specific tour? Ask us now!

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