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Cultural Immersion Tours

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Cultural Immersion Tours

Quito & Cuenca

quito-cuenca-ecuadorVisit Quito, the capital of Ecuador, a city surrounded by volcanoes and with the largest best preserved and least altered historic center in America.

Learn about Quito’s historical and cultural legacy, visit astoning churches and historic buildings. Continue to Cuenca, a traditional colonial city, visit the local artisans including a straw hat and ceramic factory.

Learn also about Ecuador’s prehispanic history when visiting the most important archaeological complex in Ecuador. Read more…

ecuador-culture-danceCulture, Music & Crafts

The Northern Highlands are home to important indigenous groups like the Otavalos, known worldwide by its tapestries, textiles production and embroidery.

Learn also about the cultural richness of the Afro Ecuadorian community.

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ecuador-cultureA Cultural Journey in the Andes

Enjoy a cultural journey along the Avenue of the Volcanoes.

Discover the stunning landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andes, visit colorful indigenous markets and learn about ancient indigenous cultures.

Be marveled by the beauty and quality of the Ecuadorian rose. Learn about the country’s histoy during the Colonial and Republican period, while staying at Historical Haciendas. Read more…

amazon-tourAmazon Cultures

In an effort to preserve its traditional way of life and in order to create awareness on conservation of the Amazon Rainforest, indigenous groups like the Huaoranis and Achuar have developed sustainable Eco tourism initiatives and have built ecolodges, to invite people to learn about their culture and discover the amazing Rainforest ecosystem.

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